The Dutch student bigband scène is alive, now more than ever! And it is time to prove it in Enschede! Four of the best student bigbands are invited, persuaded by competition and good vibes. During the day, they will receive coaching from our jury, consisting of some of the Netherlands' finest jazzmusicians. But during the night, the real battle will start and the bands will try to convince the jury that they are worthy of the title 'Best Dutch Student Bigband'. A night full of blazing funk, soul and jazz that you don't want to miss!

This year, the third edition of the Big Battle will be taking place in Metropool Enschede, on the 31th of May 2019, made possible by the student student jazz association StuBiBa. During this evening, the Utrecht Student Bigband will defend her title against the Groover Bigband (Delft), the Amsterdam Student Bigband and the UTmost bigband (Enschede). For this special occasion, we found the very talented and upcoming Joris Bolhaar willing to write a composition for the Big Battle: the jazzshuffle Habits! The jury will consist of Jan Wessels, Vincent Veneman, Marc Scholten and Rob Horsting, who also be giving the workshops. Be there!

Tickets are for sale now!

For just €7,-, you can attent this amazing event! Did you buy a Union-Card this year? Then it will be only €5,-! For tickets, go to Ticketmaster or use the link below!~ The venue will open its doors at 7:00PM, the battle will start at 7:30PM! For more info, don't forget to check out Metropool.